WHAT DO I DO .......

In the event my shipment is 



  • TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS of the EXTERIOR OF THE BOX (even if there is no damage showing) and of the ITEMS THAT ARE DAMAGED.  There are never too many photographs in this instance! Send the photographs to ATLANTIC PACK & PARCEL® email: atlanticpacknparcel@yourgotoplace.com
  • PROOF OF DECLARED VALUE WILL BE REQUIRED! This proof of value must be for the value provided when you shipped your package - FIND YOUR RECEIPT 
  • COMPLETE PDF FORM (CLICK BUTTON BELOW - YOU CAN FILL OUT ONLINE) AND EMAIL TO: atlanticpacknparcel@yourgotoplace.com with your photographs!


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 then WHAT ?    

  • KEEP the damaged box and the damaged items until the Claim has been settled.  It is possible the carrier (UPS, FedEx or DHL) might require to inspect the box, its packing materials and the damage to the shipped item.
  • THIS CLAIM MUST BE FILED BY ATLANTIC PACK & PARCEL® WHO IS THE AUTHORIZED SHIPPER, you cannot file the CLAIM for DAMAGE (or LOSS).  WARNING: These claims can take some time but ATLANTIC PACK & PARCEL® will update you along the way either by phone call or email. PLEASE BE PATIENT!
  • When the damage (or lost) Claim is paid, ATLANTIC PACK & PARCEL®  will reimburse you.





For more information on making a claim for your damaged or lost shipment, send us a message.

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