Wine Shipping in Indialantic!

Your Go to Place is now able to ship wine! Thanks to our business partnerships, Atlantic Pack & Parcel can legally ship wine! 

If you are interested in shipping wine, know that state regulations are highly variable and we can ship to at least 45 of the 50 states. Pricing  varies, an adult signature is a requirement for every shipment, but we are here to HELP and we also have specially designed boxes to ship your wine! Your Go to Place are packing and shipping experts and wine is no exception - we can provide all the information you need to ship that special bottle of wine from your favorite vineyard! 




State laws on shipping wine vary; some states enforce limitations on the volume that can be shipped to and from citizens while dry counties prohibit the shipment of wine altogether. 

Click here to see an interactive map detailing specific state regulations when it comes to shipping wine/alcohol.



Have A Question About Wine Shipping?

Call 321.952.2060 to ask specific questions about your wine shipment - Not in a hurry? Send us an email: